Author: Eugene Thong

Founder and Owner of Eugenization and ETF Wellness Corp. Co author of the Black Book of Secrets and Man on a Mission. Eugene Thong, CSCS, was born a weak, skinny, bespectacled child. Now, thanks to a steady diet of martial arts, scientific inquiry, and heavy compound movements, he’s no longer weak. His scientific bent, Zen-like demeanor, and efficient but intense methods have made him one of New York’s most sought-after personal trainers. When not helping clients cultivate their own inner 6-packs, Eugene can be found arm barring opponents at Renzo Gracie’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy or sailing through the air on his snowboard. For all inquiries and requests, contact Eugene Thong, CSCS | ETF Wellness Corp. via the following: Email: Phone: 201.993.8228