Weight Loss for Swimsuit Season: Prevent Blowing Your Diet

I'm trying to lose weight to get ready for swimsuit season, but my job requires that I entertain clients 4 nights a week. How can I limit my calorie intake when I'm ordering in a restaurant?

Eating out doesn't mean you have to kiss your dreams of the perfect bikini body goodbye.

12 Diet Tips For Swimsuit Season

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Here are 12 easy diet strategies that have worked great for our clients when eating at a restaurant.

Here are some easy restaurant strategies that have worked great for our clients:

Substitute sides

Ask for healthier, lower calorie side dishes, such as steamed vegetables instead of French fries, or a side salad instead of a pasta bowl.

Choose lean meat and fish or skinless chicken

As your entrée instead of higher calorie cuts of meat. Nowadays most restaurants will accommodate your request if you ask for a specific item.

Preparation style

Scan the menu to see how the entrees are prepared. Rather than having an entrée that is fried, choose one that is broiled, baked, grilled, steamed, or poached.

Remove temptation to snack

Prior to your meal. Ask your waiter to send the bread bowl back.

Use squeezed lemon juice

Or, plain balsamic vinegar as salad dressing. Refrain from drenching your salad with oil (extra virgin olive oil is healthy for you, but healthy does not automatically mean good for fat loss!).

For all you carb-lovers who just can't say no

Choose baked, boiled or roasted potatoes (without butter or sour cream) rather than fried – you'll save significantly on calories and feel fuller faster.

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For dessert

Have a sweet treat, like fresh fruit or fruit sorbet, not cake, pie or ice cream.

Don't drink your calories

Order a glass of ice water with lemon or lime. The act of your body heating up the ice water will burn fat by causing you to burn a few extra calories, to boot.

Avoiding alcohol

Is the way to go when maintaining a fat loss environment. If you just HAVE to have a drink (or else you'll lose the account or something), go with red wine.

Polyphenols found in red wine have been shown to provide numerous benefits for longevity and cardiovascular health – hey, at least you're doing something healthy for yourself.

Control portions

Share an entrée with a friend. Order a salad as your appetizer and an appetizer as your entrée. Don't feel compelled to finish everything on your plate, especially if your plate is bigger than your butt.

Use the Green Apple Trick

From our dirty little book of dieting secrets: Having a green apple prior to a meal reduces hunger and speeds satiety (the feeling of fullness) due to the pectin content in the skin.

Eat in Order

When eating your food, do so in this order: veggies first, protein second, and carbs last. You're more likely to overeat when carbs are consumed first or at the same time as the main meal.