Carb Manipulation: Fat Burning Diet (FREE DOWNLOAD)




How I Create A Calorie Deficit By Manipulating My Carbohydrate Intake

I’ll show you exactly how to manipulate carbs in your diet to create a fat-burning environment in your body.

“It’s time to roll up your sleeves and shove your hands into our proven bag of tricks.

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Day 1: You’ll Learn…

  • The key distinctions between the two types of carbs: Starchy and Fibrous (how to spot “good carbs” and “bad carbs”), and why you DON’T need to eliminate high-carb foods).
  • In fact, once you finish reading this email, you’ll know exactly how to use Carb Manipulation with surgical precision.
  • This is a simple process you can use to get a win on the scale in the first week.
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How to leverage the stomach-brain feedback loop to avoid overeating at meals (which absolutely ruins your progress).

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How to eat carbs while side-stepping the usual food cravings and mood swings (willpower is useless when you’re really hungry).

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How negative calorie foods actually work (and how to amplify your calorie deficit with them).