Dirty Little Book of Dieting

Whether you’re interested in losing 30 pounds to get back into your jeans from high school, or 5 pounds to tighten up your arms, waistline and problem areas to look elegant in your spaghetti-strap dress… you’ll need to know…

How to Use the Fat on Your Belly, Butt, Arms, and Thighs as FUEL for Your Workout.

By now I’m sure you’ve read the info-packed letters on our website, and open our no-nonsense strategy emails with bated breath.

And I’m sure by now you realize we are the no-bullshit tell-it-like-it-is best friend.

But what you may not realize is, we have NOT given you everything we have to offer on the website.

You see, in addition to the rock-solid info we have given out gratis/complimentary/free *gasp* over the last ten years, we have presented more than 20 laser-targeted workshops.

Unfortunately, most of those workshops were presented years ago, when online video was in it’s infancy and it took an hour to download a 10 minute clip, so we didn’t bother to record them properly.

So we’ve decided over these past few months to flesh out the manuals that went along with each of these laser-targeted results workshops and plan to make them available for purchase to our loyal subscribers.

We estimate the value of each manual to be equal to our 6 week personal training program, which goes for $1,200. These manuals will NOT be nearly as expensive.

They will not have a “give away” price either, but… they will be priced low enough that money will not be an excuse to not purchase immediately.

In the meantime, to whet your appetite for the workshop manuals, and to get the scale moving RIGHT NOW, we’ve put together for you 50 of our favorite – and simplest – strategies we’ve come across in our combined 33 years of experience of working with clients.

But before I spill the beans on what you’ll learn, I have a few questions to ask you to determine if you need to read further.

In other words, is this dirty little book of strategies for you?

Question- do you cringe at the thought of going to the gym?

Question- do you catch the procrastination bug when it comes to starting a diet?

Question- do you get sweaty and anxious when thinking of all the time you’ve lost by putting off a diet and exercise program, and now feel the pressure to lose the excess baggage as quick as possible?

If the answer to any of these questions hits you hard, then you need our Dirty Little Book of Strategies.

In my opinion, what makes this beauty a must-have is that it is a cheat-sheet distillation of bite-sized techniques- all designed to help you shed inches without gadgets, fad dieting, or frustration.

Here’s a taste of the contents…

  • Use the fat on your belly, butt, arms and thighs as fuel for your workout
  • Mobilizing fat efficiently BEFORE a workout to be burned DURING the workout
  • Master the 3 Disciplines of a Flat Stomach
  • Breakthrough the morning “blah’s” and energize immediately- even without coffee
  • Use 3 of the most powerful drugs are already in your body. We tell you what they are and how to manipulate them to your advantage in burning off body fat
  • Use 2 simple tricks to tighten and tone your stomach when you’ve only got a week to get ready!
  • Breathe properly to lose fat and how not breathing properly can actually put a dead- stop to your fat loss efforts
  • Release an often over- looked fat burning chemical already produced in your body and how to increase it- QUICKLY
  • Unlock the potential of fat burning- while sitting at work

That’s more than enough to make some MAJOR changes. But, now that you’re out of the starting gate and on a roll…

  • Interpret the little known about signals of fat loss and why you NEED to know them
  • The 3 body weight exercises that work you head to toe so effectively you may never join a gym again…
  • In fact you can get up and do them right now!
  • The ONE thing you must never do if you are trying to lose body fat (Hint: it’s a major factor why 99.9% of gym members look exactly the same year after year)
  • How too much exercise can cause a cascade of negative hormones to flood your body and turn off the fat loss process
  • Speed up your fat loss when you’re overweight by 30 lbs or more
  • 3 powerful tricks so strong that you should ONLY use them twice per week
  • What 90% of (well-intentioned) personal trainers do that literally sabotages their clients’ fat loss program
  • The exercise LIE that will surely derail your fat loss efforts and have you spinning your wheels workout after workout
  • How to DECODE your body type for optimal energy and fat burn
  • How the way you THINK can add flab to your midsection (Hint: this has nothing to do with your diet)

And everybody knows the biggest challenge in getting in shape is staving off cravings, and social eating:

  • Crush late- night cravings with our simple Omega Techniques
  • Maximize Negative Calories for incredible fat loss
  • Why NOT eating can actually force your body to store fat
  • 2 Foods you can eat BEFORE going to a fancy restaurant to reduce the damage
  • What liquid to take a shot of *before* you go for drinks with your friends
  • 2 Foods you can eat BEFORE going to a fancy restaurant to reduce the damage
  • The 7 POWER foods that should always be in the cabinets
  • The 2 GOLDEN food combinations and the 1 food combination that having at even 1 meal can ruin a weeks worth of hard work (you could be eating this combination often)
  • The 7 best snacks you can eat at ANYTIME to actually create a fat loss environment
  • Strategically switch foods in and out during the day to lose fat at a comfortable pace
  • Master the art of “eying” food and choosing what’s right for you

If you think you can get what we have to offer from one of those boring 300 page diet and exercise books with the celebrity on the cover, you are sadly mistaken.

If you think you can glean this powerful info by following the Instagram fitness guru’s or watching YouTube videos for hours on end, you are more than welcome to try.

However, if you sincerely want to stop playing games and make a run at a serious change in the way you look and feel, put our strategies to use now.

Here’s the dealio- if you want to get your hands on the PDF (digital) copy of the Dirty Little Book right now, you can purchase it through my ClickBank processing page here and you’ll be able to download it immediately.

We will be offering the Dirty Little Book for purchase on the website for $39. However, we reward immediate action takers.

So, for a limited time now, before the launch of the workshop manuals that I mentioned earlier, you can purchase the Dirty Little Book for $19.97. (That’s less than a bottle of a decent bottle of Merlot, so just get it!)

Again, here’s the link you can use to purchase the Dirty Little Book.

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