Carb Cycling: Manipulating The Carbs In Your Diet To Lose Weight

how I create a calorie deficit by manipulating my carb intake


It’s time to roll up your sleeves and shove your hands into our proven bag of tricks.

In your first email I'm going to give you our Carb Manipulation Protocol. This is a “battle tested” strategy that we use with our clients in the first week to produce a near-immediate win on the scale.

You'll especially want to learn this strategy is you want to know which carbs to eat and when, to enter your fat-burning mode.

You'll also know the difference between the good carbs and “the fattening stuff” to squash hunger and turn off fat storage mode.

In addition, moving forward, you'll get our emails in which we share incredibly valuable tips and strategies that we've used with great success.

heart Reinvent Yourself

The grind drains your battery like a bottle of White on a Saturday night. The only question is Shar-do-nay or Riesling.

Tenacious hours, unrelenting stress and dreadful food choices are sucking the vitality out of your veins like a vampire.

But if those are the evil villains, who is the sexy shirtless protagonist coming to rescue you on a white horse?

We’re not quite romance novelists, but we sure can help reboot your body and revitalize your vigor and vivaciousness to…

presence Radiate Presence

When you reinvent your body and energy levels, you’re able to radiate your presence naturally. (Not to mention getting back in your skinny jeans. Maybe helpful for when Fabio shows up?)

When your body and energy are aligned, you dance with the day, not grind. You’re better able to let your energy flow to be the Inspiration and improve your presence to create more emotional impact.

Transform into a dynamic, engaging and tireless powerhouse that doesn’t just turn hearts, but heads.

How often have you promised to start getting in shape tomorrow, only to have life get in the way- leaving you months later with that same 5,10,20 pounds in the wrong places?

To have some feeling of being fit– having energy, clothing fitting comfortably- is one of the most incredible feelings in the world. To meet an old friend out for lunch and have them stunned at how good you look. To attend a family gathering and hear the impressed whispers.

Unfortunately, if you're waiting for the time to be just right to get started, you will never get that feeling of being fit and enjoy those benefits.


Because the conveyor belt of stuff to do today never ends. It's called life. Get started right now- enter your name and email below and to get the Carb Manipulation protocol:

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