The Best Vegetables For Weight Loss- Fat Burning Fibrous Vegetables

Life is a series of day to day decisions.

Do I wear the blue sweater today?
How am I going to squeeze in both meetings?

Some decisions have an immediate consequence- Damn, I wish I didn’t drink the rest of that bottle of Barefoot Riesling last night when I have an 8 AM presentation today.

Some decisions have a long term consequence- Damn, I wish I started that diet back in January so I wouldn’t have to feed on pellets and 1.5 hour walks on the treadmill like a hamster.

All decisions have an end result.

Sometimes a minor decision like investing in Apple or Netflix stock before they blow up, or bringing a Ziploc bag of fat burning fibrous vegetables to fill up on during the day will yield dramatic results down the line.

Some people love ‘em, some people hate ‘em.

But, a simple and easy strategy to create a calorie deficit (the basis of losing weight) is the replacement of a starchy carbohydrate with fibrous vegetables during the day.

This is the real secret to a lean body without drastically changing your lifestyle.

Unfortunately most people don’t eat enough fibrous vegetables.

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Introducing Fibrous Veggies! These delicious, fat burning vegetables will help you get into a calorie deficit without feeling hungry. With only 10-15 calories per serving, Fibrous Veggies will help you feel full and satisfied while you lose weight.

Why Are Vegetables Good For Fat Burning?

The reason why fibrous vegetables are so effective for fat burning is that they provide the fiber and “bulk” to the diet but add very few calories.

This keeps the metabolism elevated during calorie restriction (diet) because of the large volume of food the body has to process.

Fibrous vegetables increase satiety (make you feel full) and keep blood sugar concentrations steady so that the fat burning process isn’t interrupted.

If you want to truly be healthy and lean then a high intake of vegetables is essential.

All vegetables are nutrient dense, yet sparse in calorie content, so make sure you select from a variety.

The Best Fiber-Rich Foods for Weight Loss

Not many people realize a large plate piled high with any variety of vegetables contains less than 200 calories, and I guarantee most people couldn’t finish the plate!

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As you progress in your quest for leanness, increase your vegetable intake, this will definitely enhance your fat loss results.

There are a few considerations when it comes to choosing vegetables.

As a rule of thumb, I go by color of the vegetable.

Many nutrition scientists believe that the color of a vegetable is a good indicator of the level of antioxidants and phytochemicals it contains.

In regards to the fresh vs. frozen, organic vs. non- organic debate, I think the first order of importance is actually getting enough vegetables into the diet.

Then we can worry about the details.

Here’s my order of choice:

Vegetables choice guide: Types of vegetables | local fresh organic vegetables | frozen vegetables | Canned vegetables
Buying fresh or frozen fresh vegetables is the solution. Fresh vegetables are healthier and taste better than frozen ones, but sometimes you don’t have time to go grocery shopping or cook dinner from scratch. That’s where frozen fresh vegetables come in. They’re just as healthy as fresh veggies, but they’re pre-washed and prepped so all you have to do is heat them up in the microwave or oven.

Some nice super- nutritious, bulk adding, tasty additions to your weight loss arsenal are:

Asparagus, Beetroot, Bok Choy, Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Cabbage, Capsicum, Spinach, Tomato, Dark Green Lettuce, Green Peppers, Red Pepper, Cucumber, Green Beans, Peas, Artichoke, Turnips, Asparagus, Eggplant, Radishes, Cabbage, and Snow Peas.

Listen, vegetables aren’t a supplement. They’re not something you sprinkle in to pretend your eating healthy.

Vegetables are High Fiber Foods [Low in Calories]

These fibrous vegetables are effective for fat burning
Eating a diet filled with fibrous veggies is the key to losing weight and staying healthy. Unfortunately, most people find that eating enough vegetables for weight loss is impossible because they are boring and tasteless.

The point here is not to totally eliminate junk food. I’m not about eliminating all of your choices.

I’m about making the proper choice most of the time, and have the junk food (if you feel you really need it) once in a while.

A couple of tricks I use with clients:

  1. Buy frozen, bagged vegetables from the grocery store. Before each meal, microwave a small bowl of vegetables and just scarf them down quickly. This way you get your veggies in, and you blunt hunger a bit, so whatever your meal will be, you’ll eat less total calories.
  2. Incorporate your veggies into your meals by “hiding” them in other foods, as brilliantly laid out in Deceptively Delicious.

Quick, ridiculously obvious quiz:

Q. Who’s going to have the leaner, healthier body?

A. 90% junk food 10% vegetables, protein, healthy fat.


B. 90% vegetables, protein, healthy fat and 10% junk food.

The 90% healthy eater. And you know what, that 10% wont even make a difference.

That person could enjoy the weekend and not have to feel guilty.

1) She’s earned it.
2) She hasn’t lost a step.

The 90% healthy eater goes right back to her winning ways without a problem.

Want to make your vegetables taste good? Watch Fiorella’s video here.

So, the moral of the story is- increase your fiber intake. Fibrous vegetables are low-fat and filling.

You can eat more food and stay satisfied, even though your calories consumed are lower.

So, eat your damn vegetables!


  • Mike Collins CPT- ISSA. Specialist in Performance Nutrition. Expert Fat Loss Consultant. Founder of MCNewsletters- Weight loss for Women, and co author of the Black Book of Secrets, Dirty Little Book of Dieting, and Man on a Mission. Has held the World Championship Title of Fitness Professional for 23 years. Got hooked on turning ordinary bodies into extraordinary bodies in the gym at night, while working his way through school. Now he observes the nuance and distinctions that generate success and slings insight straight to you from his laptop while eating pizza in Brooklyn or fish tacos in Sausalito. Easily Bribed w/ Tickets: U2. Baseball. Football. Basketball. Tennis. ✈ NYC ✈ Nor Cal ✈