Quick and Easy Meals for Fuel- On- The- Go

Nowadays, our lives seem like the stuff that happens between points A and B. Our jobs and families keep us on the go with rarely any time for ourselves, much less for eating right.

I’ve discovered that it is during these on-the go- times that we can enjoy an opportunity to eat healthy.

Breakfast, snacks or mini meals used to satiate you until dinner; all are great times to really use food for fuel.

Be honest, when you grab that croissant or bagel in the morning on the way to work and eat in the elevator, you don’t really get to savor it, as a matter a fact sometimes you eat so quickly it doesn’t even become a memory.

Easy Fat Burning Meals

Woman eating healthy smoothie bowl
You’re working hard and you need to make sure you’re eating right so you have the energy to keep going. But it’s hard to find time for a real meal, and sometimes it’s just easier to grab something unhealthy.

Instead, grab fat burning foods that are quick and easy. Set up your account on Amazon Fresh to get the foods delivered right to your door, often cheaper than the grocery store.

Foods that keep your body going and do not add on extra pounds. There are many ways that you can begin to incorporate this way of thinking in your diet. Luckily they are convenient, quick and budget friendly.

Preparing Meals at Home

If you have time to pre- pack your meals at home (which is my favorite choice), prepare these goodies:

  1. Egg-white salad with hummus
  2. Cottage cheese with bran flakes
  3. Oatmeal with almonds and cinnamon
    If you stop at a local deli, try:
  4. Turkey lettuce and cheese sandwich without the bread (use lettuce leaves instead)
  5. Egg-white omelet with veggies
  6. Plain yogurt with banana slices
  7. Egg salad or low fat tuna salad without bread
    If the vending machine is your only choice (worst case scenario)
  8. Bag of almonds or cashews with skim milk
  9. Whole wheat crackers and cheese
  10. Beef jerky and multi grain pretzels

If you begin to look at these quick eats as fuel you will begin to notice a change in your caloric intake and lower intake of sugar.

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Your body will feel energized and hunger will be satiated. Don’t waste your calories on food you don’t have time to enjoy.