Can You Lose Weight While Eating Whatever You Want?

You want to lose weight, and know you that you need to diet to lose it.

In other words, you need to stop eating the delicious foods that got you in this current state of body fat, and replace those delicious foods with “healthy” foods.

But… there’s a problem. You HATE eating foods that are allowed on a typical diet. Healthy foods = no more fun.

Bland foods. Boring foods.

Unflavored, dried out chicken breasts. No thanks!

And, *gasp* vegetables? No way! (By the way, here’s how to get your family to eat more vegetables)

You see no way around this problem, so you put off going on a diet… again.

{Mike swoops in for the save}

Losing weight actually doesn’t have to involve these bland, boring foods.

Let’s move to on see…

How to lose weight while eating whatever you want

woman enjoying a piece of cake
Most people think that in order to lose weight, they have to deprive themselves of all the foods they love and eat bland, boring food instead. This simply isn’t true! You can still enjoy your favorite foods while losing weight. In fact, you can even eat whatever you want and still lose weight.

While eating the baked chicken breast and broccoli does have it’s weight loss advantages (low-calorie, very filling. And, not to mention, healthy for your body), you can actually eat whatever you want and still lose weight.

At it’s core, weight loss always comes down to calories in vs. calories out.

As long as you’re eating moderately less calories than you’re burning each day, and add those days up over the course of a week, then a month or more, you WILL LOSE WEIGHT.

Can you eat junk food and still lose weight?

Yes– even if you’re eating pizza and ice cream. McDonald’s. KFC. Whatever.

As long as you’re staying under your caloric allotment over a period of time, the scale will go down.

Keep in mind- these junk foods are NOT healthy for you, and a small portion packs a ton of calories.

So, you won’t be eating much actual food. But, the pleasure center in your brain will be stimulated.

And, keeping that part of your brain happy goes a long way in your weight loss journey.

Now, I’m not necessarily advocating this style of dieting as I am a big proponent of eating healthier foods and getting healthy, in general.

But, I do know that some of us have a difficult time getting around the challenges of changing up your diet, so this may be an option for you to get the ball rolling.

If this does sound like a plan that would get you moving on a diet, I’d suggest trying an intermittent fasting plan. The authors still suggest eating healthy foods- but if you’re staying within the caloric budget, it’ll work the same.

For less than the price of a bottle of wine you’d drink on Friday night you’ll have a complete plan for weight loss- on your terms.