Hypervolt Go 2.0

When I was offered the chance to try the new Hyperice’s Hypervolt Go 2.0, however, I jumped at the opportunity to find out for myself if massage guns are worth the hype.

“Unlike foam rollers that target a broad area, these high-frequency, oscillating guns are a great way to provide self-myofascial release,” or self-massage of a targeted muscle or muscle group.

The Go 2.0 offers the longest battery life of the full-size models we tested, with up to seven hours.

We didn’t love the two-hour battery life, though, as we needed to charge it more often than other massage guns that last a lot longer.

I’ll admit that I’m tempted to leave it in one place and really massage out the kinks, especially with my tight hammies.

It’s a great gift option for the yogi, pilates enthusiast or wellness-focused person in your live.

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The Theragun Prime is Bluetooth-compatible with the Therabody app, which takes into account your habits (based on Apple Health or *ogle Fit) and recommends personalized routines for you to try with the device.

The mini massager is much smaller than the Hypervolt Go 2.0 –supposedly it can fit in your pocket.

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This sleek, freestanding smart picture frame displays photos sent from an iPhone, Android and other smart devices.

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Plus, it’s rechargeable and weighs in at just 1.5 pounds, which means it’s perfect for the traveling athlete.

In comparison the 2.0 has only three speeds (1,750, *,100, and *,400 ppm) and three attachments (our other picks have four or more).

Best for exercisers who prioritize battery life in a massage gun and favor one with an auto-shutoff feature for added safety.

It performs better and is way cheaper than any of the two mini *s.

We felt it was very effective at relieving sore muscles after a workout and was easy to hold and quiet.

Unlike the more expensive * * and * * Pro, the * * does not have any smart features.

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of motion.

TIP If the concept of heating during a massage piqued your interest, check out our guide on heated massage guns where we discuss its benefits..

With the Hypervolt Go 2.0, it would take a lot of effort to get it to stall.

Well, we agree that you shouldn’t expect a lot of stall force from a mini gun – just glide it over the skin and you will get some results.

I spoke to a recovery researcher, a foot surgeon, two running coaches, a nutritionist, and a massage therapist to get the details.

the Hyperice guys went on about this device’s design.

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It’s a smaller, more compact machine, so you’re not *ing to get the same treatment as you would with the Theragun PRO, but most people don’t need that.

Toloco says its massage gun’s battery should last up to six hours per charge, and we were able to get through at least 10 sessions without having to think about recharging it.