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Portion Control Benefits

I eat three meals a day but I keep hearing about portion control. If I’m trying to lose weight, how will eating smaller meals more frequently benefit me?

Secrets of Portion Control

There are several reasons for eating several smaller meals throughout the day.

Smaller meals help you avoid food cravings

When you’re only eating 3 times per day, you’re typically going around 5 hours between each meal.

This is too long. Waiting that long between meals will trigger hunger and fatigue– not a good combo on a diet.

Waiting 5 or 6 hours between meals is even worse if you’re working out regularly, being that your metabolism will be cranked up begging to be fed.

Smaller meals are better for digestion

Smaller meals are ideal for optimal digestion. Eating less food per meal allows the body to do its work more efficiently- breaking down and partitioning nutrients.

You will feel less sluggish after smaller meals, as well as keep the pipes clean.

Smaller meals promote consistent nutrient uptake

A constant flow of nutrients to the muscles and brain keep you energized, alert and keep your metabolism running hot.

When you eat protein, it’s broken down into amino acids. Those amino acids flood the blood stream and head where they’re needed.

If you’re working out properly, they will go to the muscles that need repair. The repair process burns calories– good for fat loss.

The amino acids will also serve to avoid a mid day slump, as they counteract serotonin (the “sleepy” hormone) levels that are common after large meals.

Portion Control’s Weight Loss Magic

Portion control conditions your body for smaller meals.

This may be one of the most important effects of eating smaller meals throughout the day. If you consistently eat smaller meals, your re- conditioning your body to only want smaller meals.

Your body gets used to the smaller meals and in fact, after about 14- 21 days you won’t even want big meals anymore.

And of course, less overall food intake = weight loss!

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