Diet Not Working? Let’s Fix It!

Tips to Get Out of Your Diet Slump

So you’ve begun a new diet and exercise regimen and you dropped a few pounds but now you seem to have stopped seeing results.

You’re at a weight loss plateau. This phenomenon is not uncommon with many of my clients when they first come to me.

They are on a health kick and think they are doing all the right things, but they have become stuck in a rut.

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If Your Diet is Not Working?

woman frustration with lack of dieting results
Many people who try to lose weight end up quitting because they feel like their diet isn’t working. They blame themselves instead of the diet and give up before they see results.

I have compiled the 5 most common diet traps to avoid:

Too Many Liquid Calories

Fresh from the gym you order a huge smoothie with tons of excess sugar and calories, many can go up to 800 calories.

Know what you are ordering, a weight loss smoothie should include a non fat dairy like yogurt or soy milk and fresh fruit (great source of fiber), no added fruit juices.

Sports Drinks

Your best bet is making one at home, so you can control the contents. Sports drinks are another unneeded calorie bust. All those sugar waters on the market are a waste and can be substituted with a variety of crystal lite packets of your choosing.

You Are Eating Too Much

So you have taken that one hour spin class and now you have given yourself license to go on a pizza frenzy.

Trust me; you did not burn off enough calories too justify that food splurge.

Remember when you decide your activity level; the amount of calories per day should reflect your BMI and your weight loss goals.

Calorie Intake

The calorie intake is decided, then you should split the calories throughout the day, preferably in mini meals. With that said there are great choices for both pre and post workout which include protein /carb combo.

You Are Eating Too Little

Another pitfall is the extreme restriction of calories. Eating to little may show some results in the beginning but for the long term, it has its ramifications.

Your body thinks it is starving itself so your metabolism slows and holds on to the fat. Losing weight after 50 does not mean not giving your body what it needs.

Again, your body fuel is food, and should be considered as such. Not taking in enough calories with deplete your body of essential nutrients and causes fatigue, which will in turn prevent you from keep your exercise activity level up.

Your diet should consist of fat burning foods (unprocessed) that will keep your energy revved up all day long.

You Aren’t Sleeping Enough

Study after study emphasizes the importance of sleep in all biological functions, including weight loss.

Getting up too early to exercise when you don’t get your eight hours of shut eye can sabotage your weight loss. Studies also show that lack of sleep increases stress levels and increases your grehlin levels (a hormone that makes you hungry) which increases your appetite.

Sleep must be part of your weight loss plan. Planning is essential in any diet, and should be carefully considered. With our busy schedule, it may seem like a luxury to get some sleep but start a routine and stick to it.

Healthy Snacking

This trend started when we were all suckered into the Snackwell cookie line that was no- fat, so we scarfed down entire boxes.

If you actually read the label of many “healthy” snacks like granola bars, or sports bars, they are filled with tons of carbs. I am not a fan of processed foods in any way shape or form.

But, if you must grab one of these treats on the go, (as a mini- meal replacement) chose one that is low in added sugar, 5g or less and high fiber 5g or more. This sounds easier than it is, start looking at labels and you will find that this 5/5 combo is not such any easy task, that is why I stick to pure foods.

If you are suffering from a diet slump, looking into these areas may lead you to a reason for your lagging weight loss goals. In this case, here’s how to restart weight loss.

Remember, keep a food journal, schedule in ample time for sleep, activity and use food mainly to fuel your body. Take stock of your life and see results!

Fiorella DiCarlo RD, RDN, CDN