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10 Point Checklist: How to Restart Your Weight Loss Progress

You’ve been chugging along, having a great year. You’ve stuck with your resolutions and managed to lose a boatload of weight.

Only problem is, you’ve got another tanker-full to go. To make matters worse, you’ve hit a plateau. Whatever is a dedicated reader of MCNewsletters to do to restart weight loss progress?

Easy – Utilize our handy-dandy Lipolysis Optimization Sheet – EZ version, or LOSE for short.

Life is so much easier when you have a list.

What the LOSE will do for you is help you identify new strategies to employ as well as weaknesses in areas you may have overlooked.

By using a checklist, you can take all the emotion out of your situation (“Why am I not losing any weight?”) and analyze your situation in a resourceful state.

The LOSE is arranged as a 10-point checklist with 3 subcategories.

Each question references a crucial point in your weight loss program. For ease of use, I’ve just listed the questions here.

To use the LOSE, simply run through each question, answering yes or no. You should supply specific, quantifiable answers to each question.


Question 1 asks if you’re executing properly in 90-95% of your meals.

Your answer should be “Yes, I eat 38 out of 40 meals for the week cleanly” or “No, I cheated on 5 meals this week” instead of just yes or no.

Let’s begin, shall we?

LOSE: 10-point checklist


1. Am I executing properly in 90-95% of my weekly feedings?

2. Am I eating healthful foods but not paying attention to amounts?

3. Am I drinking excess calories?

4. Is my meal timing in check?

5. Is my eating plan reflective of my goals?


6. Am I doing too much cardio?

7. Am I exercising too little?


  • 8. Am I surrounded by naysayers?
  • 9. Do I have a clear mental picture of my ideal body?
  • 10. Are there any other indicators that I can use as positive reinforcement?

In Part 2 of this article, Explaining the LOSE weight loss program, I go into specific interventions you can use for each point.

(You may also want to check out portion control benefits).

Eugene Thong CSCS


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