Preparing for Baby? Tips to Fortify Your Body and Fitness Foundations

If you are preparing for a baby, there are proven ways to raise your chances of conception. There are also ways fortify your body and build fitness foundations that will allow you to bounce back more easily.

Of all the subversive things I have said in my life, nothing has received more looks of disdain than my desire for alternatives to childbirth.

I have no need, nor biological imperative to go through labor, give birth or have to bounce back from it all. However I do want biological children and have done extensive homework to prepare myself for this blessed event.

If you are planning to conceive in 3- 6 months and have spoken to your doctor about the right course of action for yourself, I can add these three areas to your list:


Close up of Happy Woman with Home Pregnancy Test
You may be surprised to learn that many couples who are trying to conceive don't take the necessary steps to improve their odds.

Begin to detoxify your body, remove all toxic substances from your diet and environment. Take the time to pamper and center yourself for this life changing time.

1) Stop smoking, remove alcohol and limit caffeine consumption

2) Reduce stress and relax

3) Eat unprocessed foods and safe fish and meats

4) Get enough sleep; your body replenishes itself during this time


Start to nourish your body and create the perfect environment for your baby. Eating well before and during pregnancy will help build your baby’s capacity to absorb proper nutrients from you.

If you take this time to build up your body’s immune system, it can help boost your body’s natural defenses against any complications during the pregnancy.

1) Two servings of whole milk food will raise your chances of conception.

2) Folic acid reduces chances of brain or spinal defects in fetus, aim for 400 micrograms per day-also found in leafy greens and legumes.

3) Low glycemic carbs like whole grains.

4) Take a multivitamin.


If you are overweight, this is the perfect time to shed some pounds. Setting the stage for a quick recovery after the birth is key at this time.

Start a regime that will create a metabolism boost and prepare you for exercise during your pregnancy. Remember that your exercise routines will change once you are pregnant because some types of exercise are off limits.

1) Strength training for abs and back, build a strong core to carry the extra bump.

2) Activities and routines that you will stick with while you are pregnant.

3) Cardio will boost your metabolism and keep you relaxed.

4) Dropping the extra pounds before pregnancy has been shown to reduce many complications during pregnancy.