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Not everything here is about losing weight. Welcome to the lifestyle and beauty page. Feel free to check out each article by clicking the link at the end of the blurb.

Lifestyle and Beauty

Great Skin From the Inside Out

I know we live in a quick fix culture. But if you want something you have to work to get it. Most people will just complain about things they want to change but are too lazy to do something about it. Some things are more easily remedied than others an skin care is one of those things that can be regulated. I believe anyone can have better skin than they have now. Not all skin is created equal but with proper nutrition and care, we could all look better in six weeks. How to get great skin.

Benefits of Turmeric

Interest in turmeric (and more specifically, it’s active ingredient, curcumin) has been on the rise over the past several years due to the increased positive benefits uncovered in studies. What is turmeric?

SUPER SKINNY ME: Hazards of Very Low Calorie Diets

I recently stumbled across this documentary show by BBC called Super skinny me which was part of a documentary series on various topics. Two average-size journalists (size 8) who are fairly well adjusted and successful are challenged to fit into size 0 jeans. They are put through various diets from liquid fasts, to high protein to low caloric diets. In addition, they also engaged in vigorous exercise schedules for a total of five weeks. Weight loss was a success but some very interesting psychological effects can really teach us about how a diet mentality can be really harmful. Avoid very low calorie diets.

Preparing for a Baby? Tips to Fortify Your Body and Build Fitness Foundations

If you are preparing for a baby, there are proven ways to raise your chances of conception. There are also ways fortify your body and build fitness foundations that will allow you to bounce back more easily. Of all the subversive things I have said in my life, nothing has received more looks of disdain than my desire for alternatives to childbirth. I have no need, nor biological imperative to go through labor, give birth or have to bounce back from it all. Preparing for baby.

Ten Tips to Keep Your Dentist Away

There are two major things that people need to know about mouths, how to prevent tooth decay and when to keep it shut. Since I seem to have more control over the former, I will start there. Years ago, during a painful procedure that we like to call a dentist appointment, I was stretched tugged and drilled with metal objects. Prognosis: I needed a root canal and crown and get this, it would cost me $2000.00! Everyone has a racket. I then decided that I would do my best to never experience that again. Dentist tips.

Sleep and Weight Loss- Foods to Avoid and Other Natural Tips

I’m often asked by clients about sleep and weight loss. Lack of sleep, studies show, is a huge factor in weight gain. Sleep, besides being the thing you do before you are awake, has very important hormonal and metabolic functions that regulate weight loss. I am a known light sleeper and insomniac and as much as I would like to attribute this lack of sleep to a feverishly active intellect, it is really my worry- wart mentality that keeps me up. Sleep for weight loss.

Quit Smoking? Tips to Prevent Weight Gain and Replenish Vitamin Stores

Finally, you have quit smoking! Since I am not Dr. Phil I am not going to reward with a new car for quitting something you were an idiot to do in the first place. Nonetheless I will give you some helpful hints that will prevent the usual weight gain and replenish vitamin stores. From my experience with smokers, it all begins with familiar stories of peer pressure, recreational smoking or as a weight loss remedy. Then once addicted, the poor smoker becomes victim to his crime, poor thing. How to avoid weight gain when gutting smoking.

5 Beauty Tips to Fight Skin Damage from the Sun

In your quest to look young and lively with a deep dark tan, you are slowly degrading your skin and accelerating your aging process. Prolonged exposure to the sun is aging you. Tanning salons are aging you. Sun damage is the cause for 90% of aging the skin, not to mention putting you at risk for skin cancer. Moderate amounts of sun are are great- and healthy, in that it helps your body produce Vitamin D. This linchpin vitamin helps keep your bones strong, teeth healthy and fights depression- among a plethora of other benefits. Avoid skin damage.

Having a Baby? Pregnancy Diet Tips for the Nutrition of Your Baby

Congratulations, you’re having a baby! With all the new emotions and responsibilities in your life at this time, the most important should be your pregnancy diet– which is directly related to the nutrition of your baby. Recent studies have shown that a mother’s high level of body fat during the conception phase may set the stage for their offspring’s higher obesity risk. The child’s future BMI (body mass index) is also more closely related to the mother’s than the father’s. Pregnancy nutrition.

5 Simple Steps To Start Your Day With A Bang

Want to wake up refreshed and energized in the morning? I’m going to lay out for you five simple steps to start your day with a bang. Do you feel sluggish when you wake up? Do you sit around in bed watching tv for half an hour before you even set foot on the ground? Do you feel that waking up this way affects the rest of your day? I can tell you that it certainly does. So here’s what you do to wake up with energy in the morning First– A great day actually starts the night before. How to wake up refreshed with energy.

4 Ways to Fight the Bloating and Fatigue of PMS

PMS, bloating and fatigue. It is that time of the month again when you have your boyfriend in a headlock and would love to tear your boss’s earlobes off. Eventually you realize that although these actions will bring a certain level of satisfaction, it probably won’t help your PMS bloating. PMS is the name for a group of symptoms that begin 7-14 days before your period. The symptoms include moodiness, aches and pains and fatigue. If these symptoms weren’t enough, you also tend to retain water and become bloated. I have put together some ways to ease bloating and fatigue.

Women, Stop Whining! 3 Myths About Aging Smashed

If I hear one more woman whine about how she doesn’t have the body she used to or how hard it is for her to stay in shape as she gets older, I will scream. People have a tendency to play victim and therefore lower any expectation of themselves. It is definitely an easier tactic than to actually work hard and assert yourself. What some women don’t understand is that buying into stereotypes of about aging only hurts their psyche in the long run and affects their female children in the process. Myths about aging.