The Best Foods for a Sleek & Taut Bikini Body

The summer brings sun, sand and surf and for us cityslickers, sun, concrete and humidity. However, the lack of scenery does not keep us from living out our summer fantasies, most involving minimal clothing and figure hugging clothes.

So whether you plan to live at the beach or in a concrete jungle, you want to look great.

Earlier, I wrote about getting a bikini body in one week, mainly through banishing bloat. This week, I have added to my list of tummy blasters that will keep you looking sleek and taut all summer long.

Foods for a Bikini Body All Year Long

woman in a bikini on a beach
Eat these foods for a bikini body all year long! These are healthy, nutritious foods that will help you look and feel your best.

KEFIR OR YOGURT- probiotic foods are key, and PINKBERRY does not count!

These foods have strains of good bacteria that maintain a balanced flora in your gut. You will keep this moving along (if you know what I mean) and get rid of belly bloat.

BERRIES- with ellagic acid and ton of fiber, these sweet goodies will keep you flat as can be. Try raspberries, and strawberries.

ARTICHOKES- are filled with fiber and aid digestion. These prickly veggies are gorgeous and delicious. Grill them and drizzle with extra virgin olive oil.

SALMON- food rich in Omega – 3 fatty acids from fish oil, including walnuts are anti –inflammatory, which reduce stress hormones and cortisol levels in the body. Studies show that high cortisol levels are linked with belly fat.

BANANAS- filled with potassium, which gets rid of water retaining sodium. (You may also want to check out Green Apples for Weight Loss!? The Mini Project).

You would be surprised at how people are scared of bananas because they tend to be one of the most sugary fruits, but fret not, have you seen any overweight monkey?! Eat right after a salty meal.

LEAN PROTEINS- like chicken and egg whites are clean foods with great versatility. Toss in salads, or grill without adding salty or greasy dressings.

GREEN TEA- reduces water retention and sparks your metabolism. It is a lighter morning drink instead of coffee and packs an antioxidant punch. Can be chilled with lemon wedges.

FIBER- whole grains and very high fiber cereals are the way to go when eating carbs this summer. You will temporary bloat, but do not fret your belly will be svelte and flat. Do not eat fiber on the day you plan to be in a swimsuit!

EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL- the liquid gold of Italy, can enhance any meal. Studies show that women who use extra virgin olive oil at least three times a week have less belly fat.

GINGER- has gas reducing properties, is an anti-inflammatory, and calms an upset stomach. Eat with food or steep and enjoy great ginger tea!

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