Bikini Body Strategy to Lose Weight in One Week

So even though it almost summer, you are still eating crap and watching bad reality shows instead of getting out there and getting fit?

Six weeks prep time is great but if you only have one week, I can give you some tips to look better. Remember, it is too little time to promise a miracle but every little bit helps.

One Week to Bikini Time: The Countdown

Bikini Body Tips

There are several tactics that can be taken that can give an illusion of a fitter body.

The first culprit is bloat; it can make you feel and look flabby. Then of course, there are your muscles that seem limp and flat since they haven’t been regularly worked out.

Weight Loss In One Week

You can lose a few pounds in one week, but you can create the illusion of a sleek, taut bikini body with these tips.

ready for a bikini on the beach in one week
If you can spare one week, you can use these tips and tricks to create the illusion of a sleek bikini body without having to give up your busy lifestyle or dieting for too long.

Eat Clean, High Protein Foods

Eggs, chicken breast and cottage cheese (unless your lactose intolerant, because it can bloat you). Don’t add any extra salt, sauces or dressings to the food, eat them grilled or boiled.

Don’t complain it is only for a week, if you wanted flavor you should have thought about working out two months ago.

Eliminate Salt and Increase Water Intake

You would be surprised where sodium hides in food. Anything packaged, canned and processed contains sodium, even sodas.

The less salt in your system, the less likely you will retain water. Drink lots of water to cleanse your system and begin to dilute any salt in your system.

You can also try red tea detox, It will start your digestive system moving and help in bowel movements.

Eat Fiber For the First Two Days, Then Eliminate

The first two days of your week should be spent filling up on fibrous vegetables to get your poop moving (constipation can make you look bloated) you will feel gassy and crampy but it will get things going.

Then take fiber out of your diet completely (just for this bikini ready week) so you won’t be bloated while at the beach.

Weight Train

Although you don’t have time to build biceps, you can still look more taut by doing some reps for arms, legs and tush. Toning, although temporary does give you muscles some subtle definition.

Work on all over toning by doing jumping jacks while using hand weights. Also self-tan and bronzer helps you look sleeker.

Smaller Meals Through the Day

Separating your total calorie intake into smaller meals will not only stimulate your metabolism but will also counteract the too full feeling of eating a big meal. Eating all day does keep your belly looking flatter than have bigger meals.

Eat clean and eat often.

I used these techniques in my Hawaiian tropic days when last minute pageants would arise. Keeping a stable weight all year makes fine tuning all that easier.

So even if you were less prepared for that vacation this time, there is always a next time. Do your best but don’t let a little belly flab ruin your well deserved vacation rest, that is what sarongs are for, have fun!!!!!

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Get Rid Of Bloating Before Vacation

You’re about to head out on vacation, and you want to look fantastic in your bikini!

Unfortunately, you’ve been eating too much junk food lately. You need a way to lose weight fast so that you can fit into that new bathing suit.

If you follow these simple tips, then it will only take one week for you to lose those extra pounds. These are easy tricks that anyone can do!